Map of Mohammerah

This is a map of the Persian Gulf which shows Mohammerah, Fao, Bushire and Basra.


From the Medical History of the War, Volume IV

Page 252
Convalescent depots in tents to accommodate 1,000 British and 1,000 Indians had been opened at Mohammera, on the Persian side of the Shatt-al-Arab.

Page 262
A British convalescent depot was established at Mohammera. This depot received the first batch of 100 convalescents on 24th October 1916, and, as it had been decided to abandon Ashar barracks as a convalescent depot, it was extended to accommodate greater numbers. The site of the new camp on the right bank of the river, about three miles above the Persian town of Mohammera, was ideal. It had a pleasant outlook on the river and on the Bamashia channel leading from it. Steep turf banks and scattered palms gave to the camp a rural appearance, enhanced by well-made gravel paths, rustic seats, fences and flower-beds. Patients were conveyed to and from it by river boats twice weekly. During November 1916 a similar convalescent depot was opened for Indians on an adjoining site.