C.O.s of the 1/9th Battalion Manchester Regiment

During the period of the great war the following men were Commanding Officers of the 1/9th Battalion Manchester Regiment, Territorial Force.

Lieutenant-Colonel Doctor Herbert Wade

August 4, 1914 to May 22, 1915. Commanding the Battalion at the outbreak of war he oversaw their move to Egypt and their deployment at Gallipoli. He was wounded in Action shortly after arriving at Gallipoli and evacuated to Hospital in Egypt before returning to the UK.

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Frederick Egerton, DSO

May 24, 1915 to June 9, 1915. Temporary Lt.-Col. AF Egerton (HQ Staff, 9th Army Reserve of Officers) was appointed to command the Battalion in Gallipoli and was subsequently replaced just over 2 weeks later.

Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Bottomley Nowell

June 9, 1915 to July 16, 1915. Temporary Lt-Col. RB Nowell assumed command of the Battalion when Temp. Lt-Col Egerton left.

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Worgan Falcon

July 16, 1915 to September 10, 1915. Lt.-Col. RW Falcon (late 53rd Sikhs) arrived and assumed command of the Battalion. He was placed on the sick list and invalided to hospital on September 10, 1915.

Major Roderick Livingstone Lees

September 11, 1915 to September 30, 1915. Major RL Lees (1/6th Lancs Fusiliers, TF) arrived from 125th Brigade and assumed command of the Battalion. During his short time in command he was awarded the D.S.O. and shortly after was replaced and transferred back to the 1/6th Lancs Fusiliers.

Major William James Anderson

September 30, 1915 to October 19, 1915. Major WJ Anderson (Duke of Wellington’s Regiment (West Riding)) arrived and took command of the Battalion. He was killed in action by a bomb whilst visiting the trenches on October 19, 1915.

Lieutenant-Colonel Godfrey Walker Robinson

October 19, 1915 to November 8, 1915. Temporary Lt-Col. GW Robinson (1/10th Battalion Manchester Regiment) assumed temporary command of the Battalion upon the death of Major WJ Anderson.  He was replaced on November 8, 1915.

Major Alexander Hargreaves Roberts

November 8, 1915 to February 8, 1916.  Major AH Roberts (1/5th East Lancashire Regiment, T.F.) assumed command of the Battalion on November 8, 1915. He commanded the Battalion through their evacuation from Gallipoli and their re-deployment to Egypt. He was replaced on February 8, 1916 upon the return from England of Lt-Col. DH Wade.

Lieutenant-Colonel Doctor Herbert Wade

February 8, 1916 to April 27, 1917.  Lt-Col. DH Wade arrived from the UK and assumed command of the Battalion while they were at Shallufa, Egypt. He commanded the Battalion throughout their deployment in Egypt in 1916 with one or two short absences when he temporarily assumed command of the 126th Brigade. During those short absences Major RB Nowell temporarily assumed command of the Battalion. He was replaced upon becoming sick when he was invalided to hospital and subsequently repatriated to England. In June he transferred to the Territorial Reserve and did not return to action. He was 51 years old at the time.

Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Bottomley Nowell

April 27, 1917 to May 26, 1917. Temporary Lt-Col. RB Nowell assumed command of the Battalion upon the departure of Lt-Col. DH Wade.  He was replaced one month later by an Officer of the Regular Army which by this time had become a trend for the Territorial Forces.

Lieutenant-Colonel Evan Colclough Lloyd

May 27, 1917 to April 6, 1918.  Temporary Lt-Col. EC Lloyd (Royal Irish Regiment) assumed command of the Battalion on May 27, 1915 in Havrincourt Wood, France.  He relinquished command when he was wounded in action on April 6, 1918.

Lieutenant-Colonel John Lister Heselton

April 6, 1918 to August 13, 1918. Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel JL Heselton (Worcestershire Regiment) took over command of the Battalion when Lt-Col. EC Lloyd was wounded in action.  In August 1918 they absorbed the 13th Manchesters (later reconstituted as the 9th battalion) upon which he relinquished command and was transferred to another active battalion.