Back from Egypt


Saturday, April 24, 1915:

The under-mentioned N.C.O.s and men will proceed to England on Saturday 3rd inst.:

Cpl. G. Litchfield
Cpl. J. Wilshaw
Pte. J. Ashton
Pte. W. Constantine
Pte. R. King
Pte. W. Wheatley
Pte. W. G. Collier
Pte. H. Oldfield
Pte. J. P. Millwood
Cpl. J. Irving
Pte. B. Renshaw
Pte. W. Fogg
Pte. L. Schofield
Pte. J. A. Black
Pte. W. Hunter
Pte. W. Whittle

[These men were respectively: 1612 George Litchfield, 1992 Joseph Wilshaw, 2164 James Ashton, 1577 William Constantine, 2107 Robert King, 2233 William Wheatley, 2188 William G Collier, 1707 Harry Oldfield, 1912 John P Millwood, 2163 John Irving, 2114 Benjamin Renshaw, 471 William Fogg, 2144 Lawrence Schofield, 2082 J A Black, 2023 William Hunter, 2125 William Whittle.]


Saturday June 12, 1915:

Early on Tuesday morning a number of Ashton Territorials returned home invalided from Egypt. They arrived about 7am at Charlestown Station from Dublin, via Holyhead, where they had been in hospital. Whist on the voyage home from Egypt, the hospital ship was chased for about 25 miles by a German submarine, but the ship escaped, and put into Cork, from whence the Territorials were removed to Dublin Castle Red Cross Hospital.

Amongst them were: –

Corporal Tom Goley of 54 North Street, Ashton
Corporal S. Steele of Boodle Street
Lance-Corporal H. Freeth of Wellington Street, Waterloo

When several of them called at the Armoury, they had a hearty reception from the boys who belong to the 3rd Reserve Battalion of the 9th, who were anxious to hear how their comrades were faring.


Under the heading of “At the Red Cross Hospital”, a Dublin newspaper includes the following names of men belonging to the 1/9th Ashton Territorials amongst those who have been admitted to the Dublin Castle Red Cross Hospital. A number of these men have returned home to Ashton:

1647       Private H. Cook[e]
1614       Private Geo. Dinker [Tinker]
390         Lance-Corporal H. Freeth
1547       Corporal T. Goley
1784       Private  H. Hewitt
2034       Private  E. Hughes
1732       Private  W. Hargreaves
2181       Private  E. Leavsley [Leakesley]
1122       Private C.[L] Marsh
2196       Private Jas. Owen
1943       Private P. Pepper
497         Corporal A. Parkin[s]
1766       Private A. Reilly [Riley]
845         Sergt. [A.] Royle
124         Corporal S. Steele