War Diary HM HT Guildford Castle 1915

Guildford Castle at Dar es Salaam in 1917

The War Diary for the HM HT Guildford Castle cover November 1914 to January 1919 (although there is a large gap between Dec 1916 and Aug 1917). A summary of the logs for 1915 is below:

HS Guildford Castle
23-08-15    Arrived Alexandria
29-08-15    Left Alexandria
31-08-15    Arrived Mudros
01-09-15    Left for Imbros
02-09-15    Arrived Imbros. Took on board 670 cases.
05-09-15    Mudros. Handed over 670 cases to SS Scotian, Sumila(?) & Hospitals on shore
06-09-15    Suvla. Commenced to take in cases.
08-09-15    Left for Mudros arriving at 6pm with 557 cases onboard
09-09-15    Left for Malta
11-09-15    Arrived Malta. Disembarked all cases.
17-09-15    Arrived Mudros.
21-09-15    ANZAC Beach. Left with 600 cases onboard.
22-09-15    Mudros. Left to Alexandria with 520 cases onboard 120 being on decks
25-09-15    Alexandria. Arrived in dock. Disembarked all cases.
29-09-15    Embarked 384 sick & wounded. Left for Southampton.
06-10-15    Gibralter. Arrived – only waiting long enough to hand over embarkation stats.
11-10-15    Southampton. Arrived in dock disembarked all sick & wounded.
12-10-15    London. Arrived in East India dock. Repairs & Alterations.
25-10-15    London. Left East India dock anchored for the night off the NORE.
27-10-15    Boulogne. Arrived in dock. Took on board 75 Indian troops destined for India & 300 for Marseilles. Left for Marseilles.
02-11-15    Marseilles. Arrived in dock. Disembarked 300 Indian cases for General Hospital. Took onboard 130 Indians for Alexandria.
10-11-15    Alexandria. Arrived in dock. Disembarked all 205 cases.
16-11-15    Mudros. Arrived in harbour.
20-11-15    Mudros. Left for Suvla.
23-11-15    Suvla. Left for Mudros with 410 sick & wounded onboard.
24-11-15    Mudros. Left for Malta.
27-11-15    Malta. Arrived in harbour. Disembarked 224 cases likely to be well in six weeks & took on 210 cases for England.
28-11-15    Malta. Left for Southampton.

Next entry in the Guildford Castle’s log is August 1916