Many other people served with, came in contact with or played some role in the lives of these four men during their time of service. This incomplete list covers just some of them.

2/Lt. Alfred Edward Downing:

  1. Pte. Henry Kent (29453), 9th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.
  2. Pte. George Cooper (32569), 9th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.
  3. Col. Alexander Milne-Thomson, RAMC. ADMS, 50th Division.
  4. Nurse Louisa Constance Colt-Williams, French Red Cross.
  5. Capt. R.J.P. Hewetson, 9th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

Pte. Arthur Slater:

  1. Sgt. Thomas William Chisholm (263049), 5th Northumberland Fusiliers.
  2. Pte. Syd Caine (2680), 1/9th Manchesters.
  3. Pte.  Percy Wheldon (307460), 1st Sherwood Foresters.
  4. Capt. William Weston DCM, MC and Bar, 1st Sherwood Foresters.
  5. Lt.-Col. Henry William Laws, CMG, DSO 8th Army Corps Mining Company

Pte. Leonard John Monks:

  1. Pte. Thomas Knight (68069), RAMC.
  2. Pte.  Albert Hooley (67017), RAMC.
  3. Pte. Ernie Leppard (46937), RAMC.

Officers of the 1/9th Manchester Regiment:

The following Officers served with the Battalion in Egypt prior and up to the landing at Gallipoli on May 9, 1915. Major RICHARD BOTTOMLEY NOWELL and Lt. JOHN BROADBENT landed the following day with the transport section, and 2/Lt. John Matley Robson remained in Egypt as Officer in Charge of the Base at Alexandria.

  1. Lt. Col. Doctor Herbert Wade.
  2. Major Michael Henry Connery.
  3. Major Richard Bottomley Nowell.
  4. Capt. John Alfred Dearden.
  5. Major Thomas Egbert Howorth.
  6. Capt. Harold Sugden.
  7. Capt. Frank Hamer.
  8. Capt. Thomas Albert Platt.
  9. Capt. Frank Woodhouse.
  10. Capt. George Harold O’Kell.
  11. Capt. Frederick William Kershaw.
  12. Capt. Eric Richardson.
  13. Lt. Frederick Arthur Makin.
  14. Lt. George William Handforth.
  15. Lt. Henry Chorlton Shaw.
  16. Lt. Robert Gartside Wood.
  17. Lt. William Thomas Forshaw.
  18. Lt. Thomas Grimshaw Hyde.
  19. Lt. James Alfred Parker.
  20. Lt. William Hampson Lillie.
  21. Lt. Oliver Jepson Sutton.
  22. 2/Lt. Hugh George Shatwell.
  23. 2/Lt. John Mayall Wade.
  24. 2/Lt. Phillip Sidney Marsden.
  25. 2/Lt. Harold Edward Butterworth.
  26. 2/Lt. Charles Earsham Cooke.
  27. 2/Lt. Albert Edward Stringer.
  28. 2/Lt. John Broadbent.
  29. 2/Lt. Fred Jones.
  30. 2/Lt. Allan Harrison Hudson.
  31. 2/Lt. John Matley Robson.
  32. 2/Lt. Arthur William Field Connery.
  33. 2/Lt. Walter James Ablitt.
  34. Major Thomas Frankish, RAMC (Att’d)

The following Officers joined the 1/9th Manchesters while they were at Gallipoli:

  1. Capt. Richard Percy Lewis
  2. 2/Lt. Edward Balmford
  3. Lt. Arthur Claude Vyvyan-Robinson
  4. Lt. Samuel Porter
  5. Lt. John Knowles
  6. 2/Lt. Harry Yorston Dixon
  7. Lt. Douglas Buchanan Stephenson
  8. 2/Lt. William Marsden Barratt
  9. 2/Lt. Sidney William Ruttenau
  10. 2/Lt. Harold Ingham
  11. 2/Lt. William Gilbert Greenwood
  12. 2/Lt. Percy Aspden Woodhouse
  13. 2/Lt. Harold Harrison Knight
  14. 2/Lt. Percy Ainsworth
  15. Hon. Lt. Joseph Michael Connery
  16. 2/Lt. Charles Henry Nash, RAMC (Att’d)
  17. 2/Lt. George Robert Bernard
  18. 2/Lt. George Frederick Barker
  19. 2/Lt. Arthur James Southcott
  20. 2/Lt. Laird Kirwan
  21. 2/Lt. George Greene Kelly
  22. 2/Lt. Thomas Ainsworth
  23. 2/Lt. Beltran Ford Robinson
  24. 2/Lt. William Henry Demel
  25. 2/Lt. William Neville Broadbent Bury
  26. 2/Lt. Sydney Naylor
  27. 2/Lt. Irvine Dearnaley
  28. 2/Lt. Bernard Harold Brister
  29. 2/Lt. Oscar Stockton Needham
  30. 2/Lt. Percy Parker Fielding
  31. 2/Lt. Francis Cyril Hampson
  32. 2/Lt. Frederick Beard
  33. 2/Lt. Robert Jacomb Norris Dale
  34. 2/Lt. John Reginald Tommis
  35. 2/Lt. Alfred Gray

Officers of the 9th Battalion who Died in Egypt 1915

  1. Major William Henry Archbutt
  2. Surgeon Major Albert Hilton

NCOs & Men of the 9th Battalion

  1. Lance-Corporal Albert Platt, MM
  2. Lance-Corporal George James Silvester, DCM
  3. Sergeant Harry Grantham, DCM
  4. Corporal Samuel Bayley, DCM
  5. Lance-Corporal Stanley Pearson, DCM
  6. Lance-Corporal Thomas Pickford, DCM
  7. Sergeant James Greenhalgh, DCM
  8. Corporal Albert Davies, DCM
  9. Private Sam Littleford, DCM
  10. RSM John Alexander Christie, DCM
  11. Sergeant Noel Duncan Braithwaite