Pte Henry Kent

Pte. Henry Kent (29453), 9th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment sent the letter below to the family of 2nd Lt. A.E. Downing reporting what he saw on the 27th May, 1918.

Letter from Pte Henry Kent, 29453.

The letter reads:

He was my Platoon officer (D. XIV) but on 27th May he went up in command of the Company just outside a place called MUSCOURT, between there and ROMAIN.

I saw him on that day, lying on the ground, wounded in the chest. I passed right by him. A corporal whose name I do not know, was with him and asked him if he could do anything for him but he said “No” and to carry on. I do not suppose he would live; he seemed too bad. Time, probably between 5 & 6 pm. The Germans were driving us back very fast and came over the ground. I never heard more of him.

Pte. H. Kent, 29453, now in camp in France.